We help to detect dangerous websites. These are sites that may endanger you or your devices. Check suspicious websites on webcheck.top to find out if they are in our database.


Our database is based on many security systems, as well as on the feedback of the visitors themselves. Due to this we can detect such dangers as: malware, phishing, fraud, spam, illegal pharmacy, adult, warez/piracy. If you encounter an unpleasant situation on a website, let others know. Enter the address of this site in the search form on our website, and leave a review about it.


After careful checking, we put such sites in a database of dangerous websites. In addition, we have a database of safe websites, sites that you are not threatened with visiting. You can also leave feedback about these sites. Thus, the main purpose of webcheck.top is to provide true information for general security on the internet.

Thank you for being with us.


Send all questions and suggestions to [email protected]

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