What is baidu virus and how to keep it away

This is a search engine mainly used in China. When it shows up in your browser without any authorization, definitely something went wrong. For example, your browser has been hijacked. Baidu.com site is owned by Baidu Inc. that owns many other online services. It would be decent enough unless they opted out of the violent marketing strategies transforming it in a PUP. Sometimes, you may be redirected not to baiku.com but to cn.hao123.com - still the same corporation.

One of the first inconveniences to experience is the Chinese language assigned to many browser options. Also, it tracks its users and contains spyware and malware that will do their best to sneak in the affected PC and exploit its resources as hard as possible. Security systems are breached, while Chrome, Firefox and IE are the adware's favorite victims.

The browser hijacker is going to redirect you to unknown web pages and get paid on pay-per-click basis. On the other hand, your PC will be exposed to multiple risks, since those sites are often dangerous from a cyber-security perspective: they can contain corrupted links and running files that will attempt to affect the machine; they promote low-quality or deceptive products; their policies are unfair, while marketing strategies - quite suspicious and unprincipled.

How can you get to know this virtual parasite?
click on spam links;open spam emails;follow pop-up ads;refuse to delete some other threats already set up in your PC (by accident, obviously);choose the cheapest sites to download important system's components, never ask them for license;do not check how reliable a site is, especially if you surf on it daily;spend time on suspicious portals;prefer freeware;never read the User's Agreement;ignore the Custom/Advanced settings when installing a program. The removal process should be done accurately, so that the hard drive data won't be damaged.

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